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Don’t ever associate a song with him. It’s just a sure fire way to get your heart broken a million times over; again and again and again. Because every time you hear that song, you’ll think of him. And your heart will drop to your stomach and he’ll make you feel sick all over again…even though he’s gone. And you’ll wonder how he still has this hold on you, even after all this time.

Don’t let him sleep in your bed. You’ll get so used to falling asleep beside him and the smell of his cologne filling your nose, and his gentle breathing lulling you to sleep, that when it’s all over, you won’t be able to sleep through the night. You’ll toss and turn when you finally realize your pillows don’t smell like him anymore, but it’ll be too late. He’ll be long gone, leaving the scent of the cologne on someone else’s pillow at night–while you stare at yours wishing he was still next to you.

Don’t keep the pictures hanging on the wall. They’ll only fuel your frustration, leaving you in a fiery pit of resentment and sadness. Take them down and set fire to all the sadness and hate and confusion and hurt. Let your tears fall one last time before you decide that it’s time to let him go. Let the pictures and pain burn away, and you will rise from their ashes.

And if you let him touch every part of you–body and soul–just remember that it takes time for your skin to regenerate itself. This means that in time, there won’t be an inch of your body he’s tainted with his touch. And although the heart isn’t as easy, there will come a time when it heals from the damage he’s caused.