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No, not the kind of bland little thing who’s had a single bottle of Korbel in her refrigerator since someone gave it to her on her 26th birthday.

I’m talking about a girl with sparkling blue eyes that flicker and gleam and rise and pop like the bubbles she loves so much. A girl who speaks in extremes, in sincerities, with apocalyptic ferocity. A girl who doesn’t carelessly twirl her hair and stare away coyly, but who fixes you with a steely gaze like a tractor beam. Date a girl who throws doors open and slams them closed. Her eyes will fly open wide when she realizes the noise she’s made and she’ll whisper “sorry!” fervently, quietly, as her cheeks flush bright pink. Date a girl who laughs so hard that she cries, then gleefully dries her eyes on her scarf without a moment’s thought to the mascara streaking…

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