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Call me crazy, but I feel slightly uncomfortable whenever I wear one of the below. Yeah, I still wear these items. But is it okay?!

1. Soffe Shorts

Amazon / Soffe ShortsAmazon / Soffe Shorts

If you’re not familiar with soffe shorts, they are those cotton colored shorts girls wore in high school that they rolled over 3-4 times in order to maximize the view of their ass. As a former cheerleader, I used to live in soffe shorts. I had a pair in basically ever color and then some. When I graduated college and was no longer able to call myself a cheerleader, I still lived in soffe shorts. They were my pajamas. My beach wear. My gym clothes. No I wasn’t a cheerleader anymore, but you could definitely catch me sporting my college colors in a t-shirt I got for free with matching soffe shorts on the treadmill.

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