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Co-written with David Tveite.

College relationships are a conundrum. On one hand, fueled by newfound independence and the spirit of experimentation, college is the perfect place for romance to bloom. On the other, the specter of graduation can force couples to confront tough questions sooner than anyone wants to. Hannah and David got together during their senior year of school in Tacoma, Washington, staring down both sides of this double-edged sword from the get-go, so we asked them to share their experiences.

Conversations on dark porches at house parties. Text messages composed with painstaking care and decoded with neurotic concern. Banter over drinks at dive bars.

A healthy beginning, a typical one, especially for college kids. This is the fun stage, before the whole thing quietly fizzles or becomes Facebook-official.

But David and I, both pathologically noncommittal and willing to go to great, inconvenient lengths to prevent uncomfortable…

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