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We don’t talk about “what it all means,” “how we feel,” or “where is this going.” I am not your girlfriend, and I most certainly have never referred to you as my boyfriend. I am yours and you are mine. No title. No future plans. No pressure. Just us.

I’m not going to ask you for a commitment, and I have zero desire for “more.” We’re still so young and unworldly. We couldn’t plan our lives around each other when we don’t even know who we are as individuals.

I am in love with you. Not in spite of keeping it casual, but as a result of it. Why on earth did this happen?

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 4.15.17 PM1. Because I don’t have to try to impress you.  You’re not the “marriage material” guy who I worry about scaring off, the vain bodybuilder type who makes me feel ashamed of my body, or…

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