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Ok so we didn’t date. Or even really hook up in the traditional sense of that word. Or in any sense of that word. But you held my hands, and gave me hickies* on my neck–a purported joke– and you cuddled with me, and kept my hands warm, and teased me, and showed me cat videos, and if that isn’t relationship-y I don’t know what is.

You also have bitten me, and have had slapping contests with me, and constantly steal and hide my belongings, but let’s not dwell.

You were shitty to me. You still are shitty to me. You’re arrogant and aloof and then teasing and adorable. I’d love to say that I have no clue how you do it, but I do you. You challenge me. You keep me on my toes.

At least that’s the romantic way of saying it.

And once I discovered that you…

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