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If there’s one thing that all of this has taught me, it’s the importance of moving on.  The importance of picking yourself off the bathroom floor, drying your eyes, putting on some mascara and facing the world with a brave face.  Related to this, and possibly even more important to remember, is that it’s pretty much a law of life that the person you least want to see (aka Fuckface, Dumbass Motherfucker, the ex—whatever you call him), you’re going to see…a lot.  You’ll run into him when you’re grabbing food with your sisters, on the way to class, at the bar, everywhere.  It’s like a law of physics or something.  That being said, you always have to look your best because the one day you don’t, you’re definitely going to see him and you’re going to wish you chose to wear that dress or those jeans instead of sweats.  Just trust me on that one.  It’s superficial, I know, but look good, feel good, right?

I’ve learned that, contrary to my own previous belief, you can’t control whom you fall for—nor can you control when you fall.  Things like gravity and conversations and kisses and good morning texts and promises happen; and next thing you know, you’re falling for the guy—even though you swore you never would.  So just be prepared.  The heart wants what the heart wants.  If you’re lucky, he’ll fall too.  If you’re not so lucky, keep reading.

And if/when he breaks your heart, know that you’re not the first, nor will you be the last to get your heart broken.  Nor are you the first or the last to get your heart broken by him.  The texts will become shorter, and then they’ll eventually stop.  He’ll avoid eye contact with you when he sees you.  When this happens, just know he’s a coward.  He’s a coward for not telling straight up that he doesn’t want to see you anymore.  Yes, you deserve an explanation, but he won’t give it.  And it’s going to suck when you see him with someone else for the first time.  He’ll look at you, and then pull her close and kiss her because he knows that somewhere, deep down, it’s killing you.  Don’t let him know it bothers you.  Don’t cause a scene.  Go up to his friends and start talking.  Smile.  Laugh.  Let him think you are fine without him.  If he really were fine without you, he wouldn’t feel the need to shove his newfound “happiness” in your face.  He knows he fucked up.  He doesn’t deserve you.

And one day, when you’ve found someone who actually cares, someone who makes you laugh and smile, someone who keeps the promises he makes, someone you know you can love and will love you back, you won’t feel the need to shove your happiness in his face.  That’s how you’ll know that you’ve truly moved on.  You’ll be able to see him, and actually smile and mean it.  He’ll return it, but in the back of his mind, he’ll know that he missed out.  He’ll see that you’re happy and he’ll know that he lost any chance he had of being the person that makes you that happy.  He’ll see that you’ve let him go and that you don’t need, and will never need him again.  And that is the better than revenge.